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7 Compelling Reasons To Use Airline Cargo Management Software

Due to the fast changing demands of the aviation industry, many airlines and cargo businesses have now turned to advanced and automated systems to keep pace with the latest regulatory procedures and new standards.

Now, more than ever, airline cargo carriers are doing all they can to ensure that customers have a good experience every time. Achieving customer loyalty is half the battle won, but remaining profitable is still not as easy as it may be in other industry verticals. Gaining profits for each quarter of the year is no small feat, even for some of the biggest players in the aviation industry. In today's fast paced, economically demanding environment, airlines have to adapt and adopt automated and smart ways to remain afloat. 


Airline Cаrgо Mаnаgеmеnt Software

Airlines and cargo carriers all over the world have made significant investments in IT and automated software because it has enabled them to cut costs, improve workflows and effectively manage their overall business. One of the most popular examples of the involvement of IT in the airline industry is airline cargo management software.airplane-308556_1280.png


7 Reasons Why You Should Use Airline Cаrgо Mаnаgеmеnt Software 

Aіrlіnе Cargo Management systems hаvе paramount benefits for the еffесtіvе mаnаgеmеnt оf commercial and саrgо airlines. Below, we have highlighted the 7 most compelling reasons why you, as a cargo airline carrier, should be using Airline Cаrgо Mаnаgеmеnt Software to help make your airline more effective and profitable!


1. Decrease in Costly Errors

Cargo automation software includes a built- in customer address book and customer account information. It also includes all of the applicable cargo charges and ancillary charges with the automated tax and fuel charge calculations necessary for a certain commodity and route. Your staff never has to calculate charges, removing the risk of calculation error or of entering inaccurate customer information. This helps your airline to avoid costly errors and revenue leakage and also ensures that your customers are not overcharged accidentally, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.


2. Increased Customer Service

What is the cost of a lost customer to you? With cargo automation features such as real time cargo tracking, automated rate calculation and cargo accounting, you and your customers are empowered to know exactly how much the cargo will cost and when the cargo will arrive at its destination through automatic notifications.


3. Flight Availability and Choice

With good cargo management software, you have an immediate and real time view of space availability and revenue across all your flights. Additionally, you may grant customers the ability to search and book space on your flights, this provides greater customer satisfaction and enables you to maximize revenue per flight. The real-time view of space availability ensures that the cargo is prioritised based upon revenue. Real-time tracking enables you to provide guaranteed service levels. Proactive action can be taken to ensure key performance indicators are achieved for each customer.


4. Access to Real Time Cargo Data and Analysis

When you have access to real-time cargo data and the ability to run reports, you are able to make faster and better informed business decisions based on your trends and history. Access to valuable data at your fingertips, with the push of a button, empowers you to see the total cost of your decisions and mitigate future expensive/bad decisions.


5. Management Control

With cargo automation, you are able to regain control over your cargo management, cargo costs, and your risk (across every location, as it is happening). Every location has the same view and access to the same common data, rather than each location having its own data which may not be accurate. A cargo system is flexible enough to accommodate custom company business rules, yet powerful enough to force all users (both internal and external) to follow the policies that ensure efficient and cost effective shipping.


6. Integrated Accounting

Cargo systems include a fully integrated revenue accounting system which will automatically calculate and produce customer invoices and receipts. All accounting data is made available via data extracts in the industry standard format for the most popular accounting systems. This gives your airline the ability to integrate customer’s in-house systems to avoid the re-keying of data. Your accounting team will have an updated view of customer accounts including invoiced and un-invoiced revenue and the customer credit availability. The system will prevent customers from exceeding their credit limit- making your CFO’s life much easier to manage!


7. Fully Hosted SaaS Web Base

Cargo systems are fully hosted and web-based, all you require to run them is an Internet enabled device (PC, Laptop or tablet) and a connection the Internet. The system training is simple, with a menu driven screen and easy-to-complete forms. No specialized IT staff are required to operate the system. You create your own users and control user access rights. Cargo management systems require low operational costs, with pay as you use Software as a Service (SaaS) license models offered. With such powerful cargo automation features, there are no additional resources needed to manage your cargo system, even as your business grows and ships more cargo.



With innovation driving the dynamics of airline management software, there are opportunities as well as risks involved in the cargo business. Cargo management systems offer a cost-effective and reliable solution to airlines, with an easy rollout, impressive varieties of feature options, dependable functionalities driven by user requirements, the ability to automatically update customer’s in-house systems, wide ranges of configuration options to best suit your airline, visibility and transparency of cargo movements to customers and enhanced customer service satisfaction.


Unless a cargo business utilizes emerging IT and innovative software, the business faces the danger of rivals eating into its market share and threatening its sustainability. Only creative and innovative cargo businesses that keep abreast with the emerging IT technologies like airline cargo management software will be able to survive the competition in the long run.


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