Over the past few years, new features and functionalities have been added to amelia.

With new customer projects being undertaken constantly, amelia continues to grow and adapt in order to help InteliSys clients thrive and gain competitive advantages in the market.

Whether you are a long-time client, or are just starting to learn about InteliSys, you might just be surprised with all of the things amelia can do for you!

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Here Are 10 Things You May Not Know About ameliaRES

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1. One of the highest traffic-generating seat sales in history was done on the amelia system.


2. ameliaRES connects numerous airlines to various GDS partners throughout the world with its Type A Direct Connect/Direct Sell capabilities.


3. amelia can share an integrated schedule for both cargo and passenger reservation modules.


4. amelia is a ticketless system with Type A and Type B connections to all the major Global Distribution Systems such as Sabre, Amadeus, Travelport and more.


5. Central Mountain Air uses amelia to codeshare with Air Canada (AC) and interline with WestJet (WS).


6. ameliaRES provides IATCI (Inter- Airline Through Check-In) for Central Mountain Air and Air Canada.


7. Many InteliSys clients use amelia to interline with Hahn Air including: Vieques Air Link, VietJet, Air Timor, Citywing, and Pascan.


8. Air Timor, an InteliSys client, uses amelia to interline with Silk Air and CityLink Indonesia.


9. amelia has been tailored to work with their clients who range in size from 10,000 passengers/ year to over 10,000,000 passengers/ year.


10. amelia customers get access to a full real-time database for custom reporting and building of custom apps.




The amelia system continues to grow and evolve to meet the changing wants and needs of InteliSys clients around the globe.

We hope you learned something new about amelia’s GDS capabilities or gained some new ideas and insights about how your airline could be using GDS to promote growth and boost profitability!

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