The magic of flying is that time travel is a very real thing. And what’s more magical than Christmas? Getting to celebrate Christmas twice!

There are airline routes all around the world that take passengers back in time and allow them to celebrate Christmas twice.

1. Qatar Airway’s NRT to YVR route

While the flight time between Tokyo and Vancouver is under 9 hours, passengers flying on Christmas get the gift of celebrating the holiday twice! Spend the day having a Japanese Christmas, have a delicious sushi dinner and then board your overnight flight to go back in time to have a winter wonderland Christmas in Vancouver.


2. Air New Zealand’s AKL to HNL route

Imagine being able to have both a Kiwiana Christmas and then a Hawaiian Christmas—with Air New Zealand’s Auckland to Honolulu route, you can! After a Christmas dinner in New Zealand, passengers board their overnight flight to Hawaii, arriving just as the sun is rising on Christmas day in the Aloha state.


3. Fiji Airway’s NAD to SFO route

Imagine being able to spend Christmas on a tropical island, go to sleep, and then celebrate Christmas all over again in a vibrant fast-paced city booming with arts and culture? Passengers can spend Christmas Day in Fiji, board their red-eye flight and wake up in San Francisco to celebrate Christmas all over again! This 9-hour flight is timed perfectly to let passengers enjoy two full days of Christmas.


4. Virgin Australia’s LAX to SYD route

Okay, this one is actually the opposite. The airline route actually makes passengers miss Christmas altogether, as it leaves Los Angeles on the 24th December and arrives in Sydney on the 26th December. But it’s what they do to make up for it while in the air that made us want to include it on the list. The airline decks out the aircraft with Christmas decorations, gives everyone onboard a full turkey dinner and brings Santa Claus on board to pass out Christmas gifts. So even though the flight technically misses Christmas, they certainly don’t get to miss out on the traditions that make it so great!


What do all four of these airline routes have in common? The perfect opportunity to make their customer’s journey even more memorable by spreading extra Christmas cheer during the flight.