The Canadian regional airline Air Creebec, has signed a multi-year agreement with InteliSys Aviation for the use of the ameliaRES Passenger Service System (PSS).


Air Creebec is headquartered in Val-d'Or, Quebec and operates regular scheduled flights as well as charter and freight services to 16 destinations in Quebec and Ontario. Air Creebec has been in the business of safely transporting its valued customers across northern Canada for over 35 years. With pilots, employees and managers that are dedicated to these customers, the airline aims to serve the region for many years to come as it continues to pursue excellence.

"Air Creebec is pleased to start working with a Canadian-based company, utilizing InteliSys’ ameliaRES, which is known for its secure, dependable and adaptable software that enhances functionality, customer service and efficiency." 

-Mary-Ann Chan, Reservations Supervisor

Air Creebec was established in 1982. At that time the Cree owned 51% of the company and Austin Airways owned the remaining 49%. In 1988, the Cree purchased the remaining airline assets in the largest commercial deal undertaken by any aboriginal group in Canada to that date – bringing Air Creebec completely under Cree ownership. Air Creebec now employs over 400 people, about one-third of whom are First Nations.

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"Following several meetings in Val d’Or, it was clear that Air Creebec is a great fit with InteliSys.  Their strong community ties and corporate values closely align with those of the amelia family of airline partners.  We were able to clearly map their SITA functionality with that of ameliaRES in order to support their vision for the future."

- Craig Morrissey, VP Technical Sale

InteliSys Aviation is an established leader in airline passenger reservation and cargo management solutions.  Boasting the world's first 100% cloud-based Open major PSS, InteliSys partners with airlines of all sizes and types in countries all around the world. By taking a traditionally closed and controlled ecosystem and opening it up, InteliSys' ameliaRES and ameliaCARGO software give airlines scalable tools to create, test and deploy new ideas that help them speed ahead of the competition in their markets. 

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