With so many travel apps out there, it’s difficult deciding which are the best, or which are most efficient. Here is our compiled list…

1. Worldmate

Synchronize your business travel plans, vacationitinarary and all flights, car rentals and hotel bookings using the Worldmate travel app. Also included is an online travel planner that allows you to share important information with colleagues in real-time, flight status look-ups, travel briefings, world clocks and updated weather forecasts to ensure you pack appropriate clothing. Download Worldmate to yourAndroid, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone.


2. Skyscanner

Skyscanner lets you compare the cost of millions of car rentals, flights and hotels in an instant with a variety of search functions and an exclusive “search everywhere” selection that crunches a billion options in seconds. This gives users the opportunity to explore all possibilities to find the best rates available. The Skyscanner app can be downloaded to your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone.


3. TravelSafe

Traveling abroad safely means having immediate access to a country’s medical, fire and police emergency numbers as well as contact information for that country’s embassy. TravelSafe is an essential database providing potentially life-saving phone numbers for nearly all countries in Europe, Asia and the MIddle East. Notable features include information delivered in 12 languages, quick dial widget and the ability to access emergency numbers without an internet connection. Only available forAndroid.


4. iStone

A translation iOS app offering over 300 commonly used travel phrases in 12 different languages, iStonehas an easily navigable interface that lets users skim through phrases to find the right one as quickly as possible. In addition, iStone lets users record new phrases they encounter while traveling for future reference. Additional features include offline functioning, a pocket audio book containing native pronunciations and personalized page design.


5. Travel App Box

You might want to call this nifty app the Swiss Army Knife of travel apps! With access to a converter for nearly 35 currencies, flight status monitor, list of country codes, velocimeter/altimeter, picture/phrase dictionary and other useful information, you can say goodbye to your on-the-road days of encountering one stress after another are over. Travel App Box also has public transportation and offline map layouts for 40 metropolitan areas worldwide if you find yourself stuck somewhere without WiFi or cell phone service.


6. TripAdvisor App

Before planning a business trip, a vacation or a weekend getaway, download the TripAdvisor app for the Apple, iPhone or Windows mobile device and enjoy how easy TripAdvisor makes it to find the best hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues located in and around the area you are visiting. TripAdvisor provides informational reviews and ratings that have been entered into their database by people who have actually stayed at a certain hotel or dined at a specific restaurant. In addition, you will find airfare comparisons and a “Near Me Now” button that brings up a list of restaurants, hotels and any current activities happening in your locale.


7. Poynt

The Poynt app for Android recently underwent an upgrade to include a high-resolution, easy to navigate interface that “points” you towards anywhere you want to go. Poynt instantly maps directions for you, places calls to designated locations, provides movie trailers and show times and will even reserve a table at your favorite restaurant. With its handy Gas Search feature, you can fill up your tank as cheaply as possible by letting Poynt find the gas station with the lowest prices in your area (for UK, US and Canadian residents only).


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