InteliSys Aviation is delighted to announce the renewal of its long-standing partnership with Flair Airlines, Canada's ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC). This renewal includes a new five year contract for the utilization of InteliSys' flagship Passenger Service System (PSS),  ameliaRES.

Having partnered with Flair Airlines since its inception, InteliSys Aviation and Flair continue their collaborative journey, driving innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions in the aviation industry. The new contract underscores Flair’s confidence in InteliSys as a trusted technology provider.



With a renewed focus on enhancing the customer experience, Flair Airlines recognizes the pivotal role that technology plays in achieving this objective. By leveraging the Open  amelia platform, Flair aims to elevate its service standards, ensuring seamless interactions and enhanced convenience for its passengers.

The ameliaRES PSS offers robust capabilities that empower Flair to optimize ancillary revenue opportunities effectively and in a user-friendly format. Through innovative features and functionalities, Flair can offer tailored services and products, thereby providing more choice to customers and revenue opportunities for Flair.

Commenting on the renewed partnership, Aaron Dhanda, Chief Digital Officer at Flair Airlines, expressed, "We value our partnership with InteliSys and their shared interests in the success of Flair. They have gone above and beyond, consistently demonstrating their desire to help Flair achieve our business goals, even when that requires additional development efforts from their team.”

In addition to enabling ancillary revenue strategies, the  ameliaRES PSS equips Flair with the ability to explore and implement creative revenue streams. From personalized offerings to seamless booking experiences, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to provide a range of customization to customers and drive revenue diversification.

Steven Parent, Chief Customer Officer at InteliSys Aviation, remarked, "Our renewed partnership with Flair Airlines highlights the strong relationship we've developed and our shared vision for the future. We are dedicated to providing Flair with innovative tools and unwavering support to enhance their customer experience and drive business success. Together, we are setting new benchmarks in the industry."

About Flair

Flair Airlines is Canada’s most trusted low-fare airline and its greenest airline, on a mission to provide affordable air travel that connects Canadians to the people and experiences they love. With Flair’s introduction of low fares to the market, the “Flair Effect” has lowered airline prices by an average of 34% and saved Canadians over $700 million. With an expanding fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, Flair is growing to serve over 35 cities across Canada, the U.S., Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.


About InteliSys Aviation

InteliSys Aviation is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for airlines worldwide. With a commitment to providing a first-class customer experience, InteliSys empowers airlines to optimize operations, enhance passenger services, and drive revenue growth.


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