InteliSys Aviation is pleased to announce its integration of ameliaRES with Uplift, the enterprise 'Buy Now, Pay Later' solution for the world's leading travel, retail and e-commerce brands.


Uplift works as a travel-industry focused 'buy now, pay later' offering that provides airline passengers with convenient payment methods for travel. InteliSys airline clients require minimal to no work to get started with Uplift as it has been seamlessly integrated into ameliaRES with the highest levels of security, privacy, and data management. Uplift also integrates seamlessly with an airline’s existing payment flow via secure i-frame, ensuring that airline customers enjoy an easy experience across online, call centre, and in-person experiences.

The integration between Uplift and ameliaRES gives airline passengers the peace of mind to book their trips and pay over time in small monthly installments with no fees including no late fees or prepayment penalties, and travel can begin before customers complete their payments. 

These flexible pricing options make airfare more affordable, increase repeat purchases, encourage trip upgrades, and build relationships between airlines and their passengers so that airlines can grow their customers’ lifetime value, and create a profitable revenue stream.

“With strong partners like InteliSys, our pay over time monthly installment service will give more airlines the ability to onboard quickly onto our payments solution platform,” said Denise Heffron, Managing Director, Uplift Canada. “With the renewed focus on accelerating ancillary revenue and re-igniting passenger demand, airlines are rapidly adopting Uplift as a strategy to drive increased average transaction values and deepen customer relationships.” 

By leveraging the notion of ‘buy now pay later’, the Uplift integration provides an opportunity for ameliaRES customers to significantly increase their average booking value and also allows airline passengers the freedom to choose a payment plan tailored to their needs.

Over 250 of the world’s leading travel brands utilize Uplift and the number of customers who travel will continue to increase as more ameliaRES partners introduce Uplift installments.

"This partnership with Uplift is something that should really help our airlines, especially during a time where discretionary spending is low. What I love about Uplift is it not only allows for people to pay for a trip over time, but it also makes it so affordable for the passenger to add more products and services to their flights.  If a passenger decides to, for example, select a seat, buy a meal and additional baggage, this is all financed! A passenger may pay $3 a month to add these items, which has proven to increase their likelihood of using these offerings which gives them a better experience and boosts the revenue per passenger for the airline. It is a true win-win!"

- Frank Kays, CEO - InteliSys Aviation

About Uplift

Uplift is the leading Buy Now, Pay Later solution that empowers people to get more out of life, one thoughtful purchase at a time. Serving the world's top enterprise level travel brands, Uplift's complete range of flexible payment options drive higher conversion and loyalty for partners, while giving customers a simple, surprise-free way to pay over time with no late fees or prepayment penalties. Uplift is currently available throughout the United States and Canada.

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About InteliSys Aviation

InteliSys Aviation is an established leader in airline passenger reservation and cargo management solutions.  Boasting the world's first 100% cloud-based Open major PSS, InteliSys partners with airlines of all sizes and types in countries all around the world. By taking a traditionally closed and controlled ecosystem and opening it up, InteliSys' ameliaRES and ameliaCARGO software give airlines scalable tools to create, test and deploy new ideas that help them speed ahead of the competition in their markets.

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InteliSys Aviation Systems Contact: Nikki Falavena, Director of Marketing

Uplift Media Contact: Celena Haas-Stacey, Uplift Communications