InteliSys Aviation is proud to announce that the national carrier of Laos, Lao Airlines is now live on the SOAR app; the all new mobile application that offers passengers a fast, reliable and secure tool for making and managing travel bookings.

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Since 2017, Lao Airlines has been on a journey to meet and exceed world-class standards in customer satisfaction by improving their products and services in the airline industry. In line with this goal, the airline has leaned towards a technology-driven, self-service approach in order to enhance the travel experiences for their passengers.

Lao Airlines have already leveraged passenger-focused technology with the ameliaRES PSS provided by InteliSys Aviation and have now migrated to the SOAR app to complement their offerings. The SOAR app offers services like bookings, loyalty, trip management, flight status, mobile purchase options, digital boarding passes, check-in, and ancillary sales to airline travelers; creating more efficient and enjoyable mobile-centered travel experiences.

"We have spent a lot of time designing and building our SOAR app and are very excited with the results. We have begun rolling this out with some of our airlines and the response has been exciting. To have a carrier like Lao Airlines provide this tool to their customers is something we are very proud of. This expands the use of amelia offerings at Lao Airlines. They originally utilized the ameliaRES PSS and have recently moved to our SOAR web internet booking engine, travel agency portal and now our SOAR app. They are a great airline with people who are amazing to work with and who see the advantages in the tools we can provide them and their customers.” - Frank Kays, CEO - InteliSys Aviation

The new and modern mobile app is a one-stop shop that creates convenience for passengers and provides them with control over their entire travel journey. The SOAR app will play an integral role in helping to reduce the airline’s dependence on GDS sales channels and will help to increase Lao Airlines’ sales volume through promoting special offers and other ancillaries.

“This is just the start for the SOAR app, and although it already has a feature set beyond many apps, we will continue to invest heavily and grow this technology so that it always stays best in breed. With any customer-facing systems, they are never 'done'; we must always respond to and anticipate the market to ensure our airline's passengers are getting the best possible experience." - Frank Kays, CEO - InteliSys Aviation

With the mobile app, Lao Airlines’ will be able to connect with their customers at every point of their journey, deliver important information, and continue relationships based on satisfaction and confidence with their passengers.


About Lao Airlines

Lao Airlines is the official carrier for Lao PDR, serving the country since 1976. The airline was originally known as the Civic Aviation Company and was formed from the merger of existing Royal Air Lao and Lao Airlines. It is headquartered in Laos and provides services within Lao PDR and to over twelve international destinations including Thailand, Vietnam, China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and within the region.

The Lao national carrier started servicing their clients with a mixed fleet of Western aircraft, including the Douglas DC-3 and DC-4, operating on international and domestic routes, as well as a fleet of helicopters enabling access to the more remote regions. The airline’s current fleet includes the Y-7 and Y-12; which are able to reach remote areas within the country as well as  two 70-seat ATR72 and the A320, which offers passengers a faster and more comfortable way to connect with the world.

The airline plans to expand travel to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and within ASEAN in the future.  

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