Due to incredible branding efforts made by airlines around the world, it is usually quite easy to tell which airplanes belong to which airline just by taking a quick glance at them. However, in the past few decades, airlines have updated themselves in terms of aircraft designs. Highlighted below are some of the most incredible themed airplanes in the world!
Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is well-known for creating many amazing themed airplanes. Their Disney themed planes have gained recognition from children and adults alike. These airplanes actually feature the signature ‘Disneyland’ logo and a multitude of Disney characters to add to the artwork. Some of the common Disney characters that you can find in the Disney themed airplanes include Mickey, Minnie and Goofy!

All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways are famous for their Star Wars themed airplanes which hit the skies in the year 2015. This was the first time that a Star Wars character was used on the exterior of a commercial airplane. The entire airplane was covered with the Star Wars signature blue and silver colors. It also featured the Star Wars logo on the side. The cockpit and the font half of the airplane were also designed to give it a shape of the droid! 

Hawaiian Airlines

Although Moana didn’t hit theatres until November 2017, Hawaiian Airlines had already used the Moana theme to design their first of three Airplane A330s. The airplanes were designed in collaboration with Walt Disney Studios’ animated classic. Travellers flying with this Hawaiian carrier now have a chance to soar in style on these Moana themed airplanes.

Iron Maiden’s New Boeing 747

The iconic 747 airplanes are considered the best airplanes in the world by many and  gather attention when arriving at almost any airport. Even more excitement is caused for air travellers and music fans alike, when this jumbo jet is decked out with the Iron Maiden Logo and an image of the band's distinctive mascot, Eddie. The aircraft, 747-400 is known as Ed Force One and it is travelling the world in support of the band’s Book of Souls world tour! 

Eva Air’s Hello Kitty Airplanes

Taiwanese air carrier Eva Air made a very smart move in the Asian aviation industry by partnering with Hello Kitty. One of their aircraft Boeing 777-300ER is designed with 19 characters including Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel and is a big hit with air travellers in the region!   

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand introduced the exceptional images of the dragon Smaug much before the premiere of the second film in The Hobbit trilogy. Air New Zealand designed their Boeing 777-300 with a 54 meter giant dragon logo across both sides of the airplane.


Canadian airline WestJet used more than 170 gallons of paint while creating their Frozen-themed Boeing 737 airplane. Some of the characters that were used to design the WestJet Frozen-themed airplane are Anna, Elsa, and Olaf.  The tailgate of the WestJet airplane is decorated with a giant image of Elsa and Anna resulting in a very eye-catching plane.


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