InteliSys Aviation is delighted to celebrate its successful partnership with Alsie Express. The Danish virtual airline based in Sønderborg, has been live on the ameliaRES Passenger Service System (PSS) since August 2023. The key drivers behind this system migration were the unmatched support, advanced features, and significant technological advancements that ameliaRES offers, solidifying the value of the PSS system in enhancing Alsie Express’ passenger experience and operational efficiencies. 

Following the creed “no passengers are alike”, Alsie Express is committed to providing customers with efficient, safe and flexible transport, as well as ensuring accessibility in a globalized world. 

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"As a new addition to the amelia family, we are already experiencing the outstanding support that sets the foundation for our mutual commitment to enhancing the passenger experience. We believe that this partnership will prove instrumental in not only elevating our operational efficiency but also catalyzing our growth trajectory. Undeniably, the flexible and comprehensive features offered by ameliaRES PSS perfectly align with our short-term and long-term growth objectives." - Morten Servais, CCO, Alsie Express

A Shared Vision of Excellence

Unmatched Support: Alsie Express recognized the importance of unparalleled customer support in the airline IT  industry. InteliSys Aviation's ameliaRES has consistently delivered exceptional support, delivering speed and attentiveness through their team of experts. The InteliSys support team’s responsiveness and care has been instrumental in maintaining passenger satisfaction.

Advanced Features: The ameliaRES system introduced Alsie Express to a host of passenger experience-enhancing features, including online check-in, and self-serve access to add/ edit or cancel their reservations online. With ameliaRES, passengers can easily upgrade, change or reprotect themselves in an IROPS situation completely online. These features have not only streamlined the passenger journey but have also allowed Alsie Express to stand out as an airline committed to providing passengers with a remarkable experience.

Technological Advancements: Alsie Express was attracted to the technological advancements offered by ameliaRES. The system's continually evolving feature catalogue will ensure that Alsie Express is able to remain adaptable in a rapidly changing industry. The comprehensive feature list ensures that Alsie Express is well-prepared to embrace future innovations, ensuring they stay at the forefront of technological advancements and passenger service.

The ameliaRES PSS not only provides airlines with an exceptional system to manage every aspect of their operations but also ensures peace of mind at every step.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Alsie Express, a forward-thinking airline that has chosen to harness the power of ameliaRES. Together, we look forward to reaching new heights of excellence in the aviation industry." - Craig Morrisey, Vice President of Technical Sales, InteliSys Aviation

About Alsie Express

Based in Sønderborg, Alsie Express is the aspiring airline of the borderline area. Alsie Express was established in 2013 and is managed by its sister company Air Alsie. Alsie Express does not just strive to meet passenger requirements and desires- they expect to surpass them.  Alsie Express aims to create a welcoming space for a wide range of guests, including tourists, business travelers, and students. With a passion for delivering exceptional experiences and exceeding expectations, Alsie Express is not just an airline; they're a gateway to a world of possibilities.

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InteliSys Aviation is an established leader in airline passenger reservation and cargo management solutions.  Boasting the world's first 100% cloud-based Open major PSS, InteliSys partners with airlines of all sizes and types in countries all around the world. By taking a traditionally closed and controlled ecosystem and opening it up, InteliSys' ameliaRES and ameliaCARGO software give airlines scalable tools to create, test and deploy new ideas that help them speed ahead of the competition in their markets.

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