Eznis Airways, Mongolia's first low-cost carrier, has entered into a strategic partnership with InteliSys Aviation, a global leader in airline passenger reservation systems. Known for its exceptional service and commitment to enhancing passenger experience, Eznis Airways has selected ameliaRES to streamline operations, elevate customer service, and support its ambitious growth plans. After years of successfully operating charter flight services, the airline is now poised for growth and market expansion with the support of InteliSys Aviation. The implementation of ameliaRES marks a significant milestone in Eznis Airways' pursuit of operational excellence and innovation.

Operating under the slogan “Fly Easy, Fly Smart,” Eznis Airways is dedicated to providing passengers with a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience. This aligns seamlessly with InteliSys Aviation’s philosophy of delivering a "first-class customer experience," a key factor in Eznis Airways' decision to join the amelia family. 

The airline has launched new routes and commenced flight sales earlier this month, marking their official transition to the advanced ameliaRES system. The cutting-edge features of ameliaRES perfectly align with Eznis Airways’ strategic goals to revolutionize its business model, offering unparalleled service with seamless booking processes, personalized travel options, and enhanced flexibility—benefits unmatched by other providers. This partnership ensures that Eznis Airways continues to deliver world-class experiences to its passengers, fulfilling its promise of "easiness in flight."

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“I am thrilled to announce the successful implementation of the InteliSys Passenger Service System, ameliaRES, within Eznis Airways. This strategic initiative not only underscores our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for enhanced operational efficiency but also marks a significant milestone in our quest to redefine the travel experience for our passengers in Mongolia. The choice of the right PSS provider is a strategic decision for any airline, and in selecting ameliaRES, we focused on a solution that perfectly aligns with our specific needs and operational volume." - Enerel Enkhkhugjil - Head of Information and Technology Department, Eznis Airways

InteliSys Aviation's extensive experience in supporting low-cost carriers makes it an ideal partner for Eznis Airways. InteliSys provides a comprehensive system with diverse features, configurations, and tools crucial for unlocking Eznis Airways' growth potential and ensuring operational stability at any scale. Notably, InteliSys’ tailor-made solutions meet the specific demands of airlines by digitizing operations and diversifying distribution channels. This enables Eznis Airways to excel in today’s dynamic aviation landscape with the necessary flexibility and agility.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership. Eznis Airways is an exceptional partner for InteliSys Aviation due to its collaborative spirit and innovative mindset. Working with Eznis Airways is a seamless and creative process. Their strategic growth plan and openness to new ideas embody the qualities we seek in a new member of the amelia family. We are committed to bringing Eznis Airways’ ideas and initiatives to life, supported by our dedicated team and 24/7 support.” - Craig Morrissey - VP of Technical Sales, InteliSys Aviation

The collaboration between Eznis Airways and InteliSys Aviation underscores a shared commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence. Both companies are looking forward to a successful partnership that will bring significant benefits to Eznis Airways' operations and its passengers.

For more information about InteliSys Aviation and the ameliaRES Passenger Service System, please visit: www.intelisysaviation.com


About Eznis Airways

The mission of Eznis Airways is to provide reliable and efficient air travel services to passengers in Mongolia and beyond. As a scheduled and charter airline, Eznis aims to connect people, facilitate business, and promote tourism by offering safe and comfortable flights. Whether serving domestic routes or international destinations, Eznis strives to uphold high standards of service, punctuality, and customer satisfaction. 

Learn more about Eznis Airways: www.eznis.com


About InteliSys Aviation

At InteliSys, we truly believe that our airline customers are family and the most important part of our business. Our team has been partnering with airlines of all types and business models around the world since 1987. We want your airline to thrive and our entire team is dedicated to supporting your airline’s success and growth every step of the way.

With best-in-breed, 100% cloud-based systems, and caring system experts, we work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that your airline maximizes its profit potential, focuses on sustainability and gets the most out of our amelia software.


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InteliSys Aviation Systems Contact: Nikki Falavena, Director of Marketing & Business Development