InteliSys, a leading global airline solution provider, shows commitment to growing Asia-Pacific market.

InteliSys Aviation is proud to announce their commitment to growing the InteliSys presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Having already established their place as a global leader in airline reservation and cargo solutions for airlines, their expansion into this region offers more opportunities to continue to grow as a software leader and airline partner in the aviation industry. 


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The expansion of their Vietnam office comes after recent signings of three new amelia airlines in the region, as well as tripled InteliSys team growth in Asia Pacific over the last year.  This consistent growth over recent years has resulted in InteliSys’ CEO Frank Kays relocating to Asia Pacific in 2018 to strengthen the presence and partnerships of the company. 

“Our focus on the Asia Pacific region is a tangible example of InteliSys’ dedication to this fast-growing region and the importance we are placing on growing our business heavily into the Asian market,” explains Kays.

“It’s important for us to have not only a full team but also an executive presence on the ground to ensure that InteliSys airlines in Asia Pacific have the same amazing customer experience our customers in the Americas receive. Culture is key to InteliSys and we are building that culture worldwide. 

When I made the  decision to relocate to Vietnam in 2018 I laid out key goals that must be accomplished.  I am happy to say that we at InteliSys have surpassed those goals by tripling our team size here, signing VietJetAir to a new 5-year renewal contract and signing 4 new airlines recently in this region (2 who will migrate from their current systems and 2 who are start-ups).  I thank our amazing team in South East Asia and Canada for their hard work and dedication to growing our brand” continues Kays.

Following the move of Kays, InteliSys’ Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Kristian Luck has also relocated to Asia Pacific to help in growing this important market.

“My relocation to Asia Pacific comes off the back of two years of really promising growth for the company. My priorities while there will be to strengthen our partnership with one of our most valued clients, VietJetAir and to provide technical leadership to the ever-growing team in Ho Chi Minh City,” says Luck.

Luck will be working with airlines and the InteliSys Vietnam team, in a product, business and technical capacity.  He will be focusing on offering support to InteliSys' newest clients and prospects in this region, as well as pursuing more partnership opportunities for InteliSys. Luck will also be assisting in the recruitment process, in which InteliSys aims to grow the team by another 80% by the end of 2020.


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