We are pleased to announce that the SOAR app; a passenger-experience driven, completely configurable mobile application for making and managing travel bookings, is now live and being utilized by a number of amelia airline customers.

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With the number of passengers looking for a seamless online experience at their fingertips rising exponentially every year, a feature rich mobile application has become a must to best serve airline customers across the globe. The SOAR app was built with customer satisfaction and convenience in mind. It was engineered with the focus of making airline passenger’s lives easier and more enjoyable as they travel and connect with the rest of the world through amelia airlines.

The SOAR app allows InteliSys customers to harness the power of the application while increasing their revenue. Airlines have ample flexibility to customize the SOAR app with their branding and unique image. Passengers are able to download and enjoy the app on both Android and iOS devices.

I am very excited about the work our team has done to create the SOAR app. The product that they have created is one of the best airline apps I have seen and has a rich feature set. Airlines need to find ways to further engage with their customers and the SOAR app provides many opportunities to do just that. In this ever changing space you cannot have an app that is stagnant, you need to constantly grow your app and give your customers a reason to not only download your app but actively use it. The SOAR app will not only engage with your customers today but will also continue to engage them into the future as our team is consistently adding exciting features to further the customer experience. - Frank Kays - CEO, InteliSys Aviation

The SOAR app provides all the features your passengers will need for all aspects of their journey; from before they decide to fly all the way until they have completed their journey and are thinking about their next trip. SOAR app also  provides you with more opportunities to engage with customers through push notifications, integrated social media chat and the marketing of destinations and promotions.

With the SOAR app, airlines will be able to easily increase revenue by enticing customers to purchase ancillaries and add-on services during and post-booking and by promoting destinations and fares. Airlines are also able to integrate with the amelia loyalty system and social media to push notifications and further engage their customers.

For more on the SOAR app, watch our video here!


About InteliSys Aviation

InteliSys Aviation is an established leader in airline passenger reservation and cargo management solutions.  Boasting the world's first 100% cloud-based Open major PSS, InteliSys partners with airlines of all sizes and types in countries all around the world. By taking a traditionally closed and controlled ecosystem and opening it up, InteliSys' ameliaRES and ameliaCARGO software give airlines scalable tools to create, test and deploy new ideas that help them speed ahead of the competition in their markets.


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