A marketing and publicity stunt is by no means a new technique used by companies to grab the public’s attention. Over the years, however, such ploys have become more extravagant and elaborate.

In fact, among the most boisterous are the publicity stunts performed by airline companies in an attempt to show the public just how advantageous traveling with the airline can be!

To better show the lengths airlines are willing to go to impress the public, here are five of the most outrageous marketing stunts performed by various airlines:

5. Delta Airline’s Flawless Flash Mob

Whether it is from a person or company, the flash mob is one of the best ways to create attention. In the case of Delta Airlines, performing a company-wide flash mob was genius. From New York City to Atlanta, to Detroit, the company flawlessly pulled it off.


4. Virgin Atlantic’s Park Bench

Virgin Atlantic founder, Richard Branson is synonymous with lavish and extravagant spectacles, which is why when the company rather mundanely took over a Manhattan park bench it seemed a bit odd. That is, until people sat down to be greeted by flight attendants, five-star cuisine, a live theatrical performance, and a hot towel to cap it all off. Only then did the spectacle seem more appropriate for an event hosted by the folks at Virgin.


3. Spirit Airlines Various Raunchy Marketing Ploys

Spirit Airlines decided to use raunchy acronyms as marketing stunts.  Things such as “Return of the MILF (Many Island Low Fares)” and “MUFF (Many Unbelievable Fantastic Fares) Diving Destinations”.  These promotions stand as some of the more comical, albeit raunchy marketing ploys.


2. Virgin Airlines Pokes Fun At A Rival

When British Airlines sponsored the construction of a giant Ferris wheel in London, and then had trouble erecting the structure, naturally Virgin Airlines took the opportunity to poke fun at their rival. It did so by hovering a blimp over the construction site saying rather tongue-in-cheek, “BA can’t get it up.”


1. VietJetAir’s On-Board Bikini Show

In terms of publicity stunts, it simply does not get better than a dancing bikini show aboard an airplane. The move made by VietjetAir was so bold the airline endured a $1,000 USD fine because of it.  This may have cost VietJetAir $1,000 but the video went viral and the airline became a household name overnight.  A few people may have found the stunt offensive, but most deemed it harmless as the bikini-clad women even handed out stuffed animals after the performance.   For the publicity this generated, it is hard to deny it may have been the best $1,000 VietJetAir ever spent and dollar for dollar one of the best marketing stunts by an airline.

So in considering the techniques to bring more brand exposure to your company – think what will bring the biggest viral bang for your time and for your buck!


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