The handling of passengers in IROPS (irregular operation) situations is a challenge all airlines around the world are faced with; whether it is uncooperative weather or mechanical problems, IROPS are a reality for all airline teams.

The ameliaRES system is breaking new grounds in this area with InteliSys' recent release of the IROPS handling tool that allows ameliaRES hosted airlines, the ability to re-protect passengers onto alternative partner flights.

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In the past, this type of IROPS would require a call to the airline partner in order to have the passengers re-protected onto an alternative flight. Often, the passengers themselves would need to approach the partner's ticketing counters in order to rebook themselves since they were arriving late, or on a cancelled flight operated by an ameliaRES hosted airline. Now, the passenger can arrive late and can be rebooked before they even land, since they can be re-protected with just a few clicks.

How does the IROPS handling tool work?

ameliaRES users will run a connecting passenger report and identify any passengers who have onward connections that may be missed due to flight delays or cancellations. These reservations are then opened in the IROPS handling tool in order to scan through the partner's live schedule inventory for an alternative flight. Once an alternative is found, the user can make the change and reissue the e-tickets as an even exchange. All messaging to notify the passenger and the partner is automatically sent and the new itinerary is updated in both systems.

"InteliSys continues to lead the pack in narrowing the gap between the Tier 1 and 2 systems and with the release of the new IROPS tool, ameliaRES hosted airlines can now exchange interline e-tickets in IROPS situations for alternative itineraries so they can better serve their partners' and their shared customers." — Craig Morrissey, VP Technical Sales, InteliSys Aviation

This new tool will help airline's enhance the passenger experience with their airline, and customer service times will be drastically decreased. InteliSys Aviation expects to have several airline partners within the ameliaRES family using the IROPS handling tool in the next year.

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